Why are Scleral Contact Lenses Best for Fixing Poor Vision?

scleral contact lenses eye doctor nashville optiquePatients who suffer from conditions like keratoconus, LASIK complications, corneal scars, or severe dry eyes are being fit into scleral lenses at a far greater rate than they are into other contact lenses. Why is this trend so powerful in the optometry world? Here are 3 key reasons:

Scleral contact lenses are extremely comfortable. When patients first see a scleral lens in their hand, they think back to the old hard contact lenses of the past. Hard contact lenses sat right on the cornea (the clear window of the eye). The cornea has the densest population of nerves in the human body. So, a hard piece of plastic that touches this area creates comfort problems. Scleral lenses do not even touch the cornea, which is especially important in conditions like keratoconus. Instead, the lenses land on the insensitive sclera and are filled with nourishing saline solution. So, comfort with scleral lenses is often greater than even with soft lenses.

Prescription scleral contacts can better correct vision problems. Because they auto-rotate on the eye based on the eye’s shape, they stay put in the same position every time. So, we are able to correct minute amounts of astigmatism that we never could have corrected with hard contact lenses. The vision achieved through the gas-permeable material is somewhat like high-definition on a top-of-the-line television: the optics are just better than with other lenses.

Scleral lenses are covered by many insurers. It is true that the cost of scleral lenses is higher than that of simple contact lenses. But, nowadays, insurance companies—both medical and vision insurers—recognize scleral lenses as an appropriate solution for keratoconus, LASIK complications, corneal scars, severe dry eyes, and countless other conditions. The staff at The Contact Lens Center at Optique are absolute experts in working with insurance companies to make sure that, if a benefit exists, our patients can take advantage of it. Further, I work directly with the medical directors of many insurers to ensure that our patients receive everything they deserve from the insurers—and that the insurance companies don’t get away with anything fishy.

The Contact Lens Center at Optique is the undisputed expert in scleral lenses in the southeastern United States. We are sent patients by optometrists and ophthalmologists from all over the country, and also have patients fly to Nashville to come see us. Our practice is built specifically around the concept of exceptional care. So, if you have the choice, why not choose the best?