For those who have particular complexity to their vision or eyes, we offer a level of care that is unsurpassed.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices which directly contact the surface of your eye. For this reason we take exceptional care to ensure a proper fit and select only lenses which provide maximal health benefits, while conscious of lens costs and convenience. All of the doctors at Optique have extensive experience with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and complicated contact lens problems. For those who have experienced difficulty in the past, we offer the most up-to-date options for all types of wearers.

For those who have particular complexity to their vision or eyes, we offer a level of care that is unsurpassed. The innovative Contact Lens Center at Optique is dedicated to finding the best contact lens solutions to challenging problems, such as:

specialty contact lenses for dry eyes optique nashville


SPecialty contact lenses are the treatment of choice for patients with keratoconus. Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino helps write the position papers on keratoconus, establishing standards of care for all optometrists practicing in the U.S.  You can be confident that he is either researching with his collaborators or aware of the most cutting edge studies in the field.

Contact lenses following surgical complications or injuries

Irregular astigmatism is created on the eye following some surgical complications and injuries.  Often, it cannot be completely corrected with glasses or subsequent surgeries.  However, using gas-permeable contact lenses and more advanced designs, a tear layer is introduced to the ocular surface that neutralizes irregular astigmatism.  Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino publishes and lectures extensively on this subject.

Contact Lenses for Dry eyes

Treatment for dry eyes may involve simple, at home regimens, in-office procedures, medication, and unique contact lenses for dry eyes. Having your dry eyes treated at Optique means pulling in experts in both fields (both in dry eyes and specialty contact lenses) to coordinate your care for the best possible outcomes.

Gas-permeable (GP) corneal lenses

GP lenses can be used to correct a host of corneal irregularities, high prescriptions, aphakia, and high astigmatism. They range in size from around 2/3 the size of the cornea to overlapping the sclera (semi-scleral lenes). With a deep understanding of how they work, Dr. Sonsino will explain your options with these lenses in a concise yet understandable manner.

Hybrid lenses

Hybrid lenses have a gas-permeable material center, with a soft lens material skirt. They have distinct advantages over other types of contact lenses. They typically center better and are more comfortable than GP lenses, and have better optics than soft lenses. Hybrid lenses are available for both patients who simply need vision correction and in designs that treat irregular corneas. Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino works closely with a manufacturer of hybrid lenses on their newest designs and has access to the latest hybrid designs before any other optometrist or ophthalmologist in the world.

Multifocal lenses

Those requiring bifocals or reading glasses can benefit from new contact lens technology, such as multi-focal lenses, monovision, and more complex options. We will tailor a solution specific to your lifestyle and needs.  As a part of his clinic trial experience and pioneering work on contact lens design, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino has access to many multifocal designs which are not widely available in other offices.

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