3 “To-Die-For” Designer Eyeglass Frames Available at Optique

When my husband, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino, and I first launched Optique Eye Care / Eye Wear, our mission may have seemed complex. But in another way, it was very simple: It all revolved around the simple mantra of quality, quality, quality.
Over the past year, Jeffrey—one of the nation’s leading optometrists—has discussed with you in detail how Optique meets the critical eye care needs of our patients. Now, let’s look at the “other half of the coin” regarding what we offer—eye wear. It’s a topic I LOVE to talk about, because we’re so INCREDIBLY EXCITED about the world-class designer eyeglass frames we can offer you!
Let’s go behind the curtain, reach for the light panel, and turn the spotlight on 3 of the most attractive, most world-class frame lines you can get at Optique.

Dita Frames . . . 24-Carat-Gold Craftsmanship

Dita Frames Optique NashvilleIn this day and age, Optique has to compete not only with other fine eye wear/eye care facilities, but also with various cut-rate online services. The MOST important thing you should know about Optique versus the online services is that we categorically refuse to peddle cheap, third-world-made eye wear. We offer nothing but the highest-quality designer frames—and one of the coolest is the world-renowned Dita Eye Wear.
Here in Nashville, we are home to many of the world’s most famous, most fashion-conscious country music stars and other celebrities, and these folks, just like you, want something truly special—truly “styling”—when they wear eye glasses.
That’s where Dita—one of our most popular frame offerings—comes in. If I told you nothing else about Dita, I’d simply tell you “24-carat gold.” That’s because Dita frames are LITERALLY dipped in 24-carat gold. They are an example of ultimate “bling” in eye wear. They make you look fantastic, and our customers see superior value in that. Our customers also love tapping into a superior craftsmanship that has been honed over Dita’s 50-year history, and which is passionately dedicated to the perfection of designer crafts that are the perfect combination of traditional and modern production techniques.
I love the way Dita describes its own brand: “Edgy yet elegant, with an East meets West aesthetic.” That’s part of what has attracted a rabid following for the frame line among many of the world’s most influential celebrities, stylists, and trendsetters.
Oh, and one very important note:
Here at Optique, we are proud to be the exclusive optical provider of Dita Eye Wear in Nashville. Dita frames are offered in the hottest cities around the US in the hottest opticals.

Tom Ford Frames

Tom Ford at Optique NashvilleA former Creative Director at Gucci, Tom Ford is one of the world’s most celebrated designers. Under Ford’s direction, Gucci went from being a $240 million company to a $3 billion one in scarcely more than 10 years. Says something about the man’s ability to create must-have fashion, doesn’t it?
Since 2005, Tom Ford has been one of the world’s premier companies offering women’s wear, eye glasses, and sunglasses. One thing I find fascinating is that Tom Ford has also recently moved his jaw-dropping design skills to Hollywood, as well—as an acclaimed film director. His 2016 movie, Nocturnal Animals, starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, was nominated for several Gold Globe Awards, and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival. Film critics and the public alike commented about how simply gorgeous the film is. I read one review in which the critic said something like, “You can tell a great designer made this film because the imagery is so stunningly beautiful.”
And that’s the exact-same design excellence you enjoy when you come to Optique and look through the various Tom Ford eyeglass frames. So come on in, try on a pair of cool Tom Ford frames, and tell me what you thought of Nocturnal Animals!

Sama Eyewear . . . from Australia to You

Sama at Optique NashvilleFinally, we’re also incredibly excited to bring you Sama Eyewear, which comes from a collective located in Perth, Western Australia. Sama’s designs and manufacturing of high-quality frames and sunglasses are born out of the West Australian environment.
On their website, Sama says, “We aim to offer an alternative to high-end eye wear brands, and create unique and original pieces for like-minded individuals.” All Sama’s designs are created in small-batch runs, guaranteeing that your Sama eyeglass frames from Optique are from a select, quality-controlled few.

A Final Thought

When we were creating our Optique website, someone asked me, “Michele, what do you particularly love to do?”
My response was immediate.
I said, “I am passionate about tennis and my dogs . . . and traveling the globe to find hot new frame styles for our patients!”
So I hope you’ll drop by Optique soon, so we can show you what I found!

About Dr. Michele Sonsino

Dr. Michele Sonsino studied biology, communications, and sociology at the University of Illinois, and earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. While in optometry school, Dr. Sonsino also pursued her clinical education at the University of Chicago and the Veterans Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She had particular training in pediatrics and contact lenses.
For years, Michele split her practice between two Chicago locations—a trendy downtown facility, learning the art of boutique-style eye care, and in the south side of the city, working with disadvantaged patients in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases.
Dr. Sonsino brought these varied experiences to Nashville and, along with her husband, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino, introduced a new concept in eye care—Optique. She is recognized by her colleagues as a leader in pediatric optometry, anterior segment, cataract evaluation, and specialty-contact-lens fitting, such as options for astigmatism and “mature” eyes. Dr. Sonsino is a member of the American Optometric Association and Tennessee Optometric Association.